XIV International Conf. "The Problems of Development of the Sociological Theory: Structural Changes and Social Tension"

Faculty of Sociology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Institute of Sociology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Kyiv Branch of Sociological Association of Ukraine

Faculty of Sociology and History University of Rzeszow (Poland)


XIV International conference on

"The Problems of Development of the Sociological Theory: Structural Changes and Social Tension".

May 25-26, 2017

Kyiv, Ukraine


The global situation of the deep social transformations in different spheres of the contemporary social life is the important factor, which determines the need to correct existing conceptual basis of the modern sociological theory. The main global and regional social consequences of the structural changes in different types of human societies were investigated on the inter-societal (global) research level of theoretical sociology, especially in sociological theories of global modernization and global dependency. But now many influenced sociologists believe, that the well-known conceptual differences between these theories are the specific stimulus for organization of new theoretical sociological studies. The processes of structural changes and social tensions under the different social contexts of individual and collective human life constitute the innovative research-field in the contemporary theoretical sociology.

For more than 25 years Ukrainian society has been in the process of searching for its own effective model of democratic transformations. So, the conceptual study of the functional factors and the risk-situations of structural changes, which determine and produce various forms of social tensions, now has become important theoretical significance.

We hope that theoretical contributions of the conference participants will form a wide-range scientific discussion on the problematic topics of the ХІV International conference "The Problems of Development of the Sociological Theory: Structural Changes and Social Tension".

Themes of the Conference:

  • Global trends of structural changes: image of the new order and conflicts in modern world
  • Reinstitutionalization of a wealth state: new regimes, unsolved problems and tensions
  • Structural changes in households and families
  • Appearance, reasons and consequences of society oligarchization
  • Class structuration in and conflicts in modern societies
  • Integration issues of forced migrated people in Ukraine
  • Structural changes in a labor market and in an modern organizations
  • Methodological problems and perspectives in structural changes and social tension research
  • Social tension as actualization of social differentiation process in Ukrainian society
  • Activities in social networks in crisis societies: social consequences and possibilities of minimization of social tension.
  • Social tension and mass protests: the specific of determinants.
  • Political power and society: tendencies of transformation of the forms of social dialogue.
  • Social risks and social expectations in changing society.
  • Ukrainian society: realities and expectations in the system of globalization trends in the system of globalization trends.
  • Information and communication technologies as an innovative managerial instrument of the process of structural transformation.

Forms of participation:  personal (oral presentation at the conference session) or distant participation (publication of abstract in the volume of the Conference proceedings)  

Working languages – Ukrainian, English, Russian

All participants will receive a volume of the conference proceedings and a participation certificate.


To participate in the conference, please, submit two following documents to the organizing committee’s e-mail address (socioconfKNUTSH@ukr.net) by April 25, 2017:

1) abstract;

2) application form (see below)

3) scanned confirmation of payment of the conference fee

The names of all submitted files should start with the applicant’s last name (i.e., Shevchenko_Global_Trends_in_Democratization.doc).

Selected participants will be informed about the results of the admission no later then April 25th

Conference fee:

-          for full members of Sociological Association of Ukraine (membership fees paid) - 250 UAH;

-          for full members of Sociological Association of Ukraine (membership fees paid) under 35 years – 200 UAH;

-          for non-members of Sociological Association of Ukraine – equivalent of 10 USD in UAH at the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine.


The conference fee should be paid on registration at the first day of the Conference. For distant participants conference fee should be transferred to the bank account of the organizing committee:













Payment details: conference fee of (name of applicant) for Issues in Development of Sociological Theory.


The conference fee covers the cost of publication of proceedings and coffee breaks.

Travel, accommodation and living expenses are covered by participants. At request, participants can be accommodated in the university’s hotel.


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After your application documents are received, the organizing committee sends a confirmation message to your e-mail address. In case, when you do not receive such a message, please contact the committee by phone.


Address of the organizing committee (the venue):

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